c i n d i g o ( cindigo) wrote,
c i n d i g o

naked lady oil lamp

Originally uploaded by cindigodotcom.

My mom has this lamp priced at $40. I'm shocked that it's not selling! We bought this lamp as a gift for my grandmother when I was seven. I'll be thirty seven this month. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but those plastic strings have beads of oil sliding down them like rain. The lady is dusty, oily and some of the strings are broken. The motor is making motor noises and the whole contraption smells like the lower well of Jiffy Lube. I really think that $40 is a steal, but if any one wants it, for you guys only, I'll throw in a few weird funnel things that were used to fill up an ancient humidifier, a thirty year old Halloween scarecrow from the attic, a few old school telephones and a bag of mystery wires.

I'm leaving for Vegas in an hour.

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